Illustration, the narration of ideas and the manifestation of dreams

Illustration ; If you want to illustrate your ideas, texts, and stories, or dream about becoming an illustrator; join me

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Creativity and ideation

Using the appropriate methods and approaches to achieve pristine and innovative ideas

Technical skills

Creating professional and high-quality artworks, in accordance with novel styles and based on the expectations and needs of the audience

Optimal quality & value enhancement

Optimal qualitative and quantitative efficiency of orders; with no waste of time, the value of ideas and creativity

What you need to know before submitting an order
Before starting the collaboration and submitting an order; It’s a good idea to know more about the terms and conditions:
  • Frame or unit of illustration

    A frame is a unit or border which represents a narrative for a subject, text, or poem in the size of 2 pages in front of each other; It is also used as a unit of measurement to calculate the cost of an illustration project. Example: A 6-frame book is 12 pages long.

  • Preparations for accepting character design orders

    The client explains the context, main idea, purpose, and theme for the illustrator, and if he/she has a particular work sample or style in mind, sends it to the illustrator as a visual sample. The client must clearly provide illustrator with the details of the order, including dimensions, material or print media, age group of the audience, product market, and its application along with the desired technique so that the illustrator can make the final decision about the cooperation and express her opinion.

  • How to conclude an agreement

    After preliminary talks about the details and the order such as timing, cost, final file format, presentation method, etc., the parties would agree and two copies of the official contract prepared by the illustrator will be given to each party after signing

  • How to pay the contract price

    During the signing of the contract by the parties – under the terms specified in the contract – half of the contract price should be paid by the customer to the illustrator for the validation of the contract and the rest will be deposited after the delivery and before sending the final files. For the small and single frame projects, the total amount should be paid by the customer when concluding the contract.

  • Provide initial etude

    After concluding the contract and depositing the initial price, the contract is valid and the illustrator represents a detailed colorless linear etude for each frame to the customer so provided that only up to 3 minor changes (with the discretion and expert opinion of the illustrator) would be applied at this stage, and after the initial etude is approved, the design is ready for final execution.

  • Coloring of frames

    After the completing and full coloring of the frames and presenting it to the client, if it requires subtle changes (with the discretion and expert opinion of the illustrator) such as changing the size of the elements inside the image, color, and texture, up to 3 of them will be applied. But if the requested changes are more than this; for instance, a general change in character design, location, or addition of new visual elements, etc. the client must pay an extra 10% for each change in addition to the initial price (according to the terms of the contract).

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  • production Schedule

    The timing of the artwork production usually begins after finalizing the contract, as the illustrator may be working on other orders. Scheduling in single-frame projects takes 5-10 working days, and for the big projects is calculated based on the number of frames and the required time; For example, a 5-frame book takes a minimum of 25 days and a maximum of 40 working days. Also, illustrators need to rest on holidays and Fridays too! Therefore, holidays are counted as a part of the schedule.

  • Delivery of final / printed files

    Output and final files are delivered in the size and formats specified in the contract, such as JPG, PNG, and in special cases (if stated in the contract) in PSD format after the final settlement; and they will be sent to the customer by mail (on a CD) or via the Internet.

  • Some important notes about the production of artworks

    On-time and correct submission of documents and all the items involved in the project, such as determining the exact size and dimensions of the print, correct text editing without any typographical errors, required color standards, auditing (clothing and veiling of characters, etc.) and such other items are the responsibility of the customer.

  • Copyright and intellectual property rights of produced works

    All copyrights and intellectual property rights of the works are reserved for the illustrator to use on the website and her personal pages in social media, to participate in national and international exhibitions, competitions, festivals, educational and public seminars, festivals, et. It should be noted that the customer does not have the right to use and exploit artworks as a single frame or part of it in environments other than the original illustration such as exhibition decoration or TV program, animation, games, printed and online advertisements, websites, mobile applications, etc.

  • Sending the samples of produced artworks to the illustrator

    The customer is obliged to send at least 5 printed products or copies of the project after the implementation and production process.

  • Important requirements and points before submitting an order

    Big projects do not necessarily mean big discounts! For example, if you want to order 30 frames for 3 volumes of a book, it does not include a discount, because the illustrator does not sell finished products! The illustrator’s full name and website address or full contact information should be mentioned in all of the advertising, printed, and online works. For printed books, it is necessary to write the full name of the illustrator on the identity page and also on the cover page of the books. For the magazines, just mentioning the name of the illustrator along with the printed image is sufficient.

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Some of our customers
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What customers say about working with us
Customers’ comments about the cooperation and production process of the projects
Ms. Rajaie studies the work carefully and her illustrations have a unique taste. The good thing about working with her is that she listens carefully to the client’s words and needs and try to make the image according to the client’s wishes. She is always organized and precise in the implementation of the schedule. It is not difficult to work with Ms. Rajaie and you can count on her with full confidence according to the contract. The problem for many Iranian illustrators is the lack of schedule and timing, thank God, Ms. Rajaie is very trustful and accurate in this regard.
کاراکتر مشتری 37
Mr. Sobhani Managing Director of Jamal Publications
I am proud that I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Rajaie. I am very happy with the result and I highly recommend cooperation with her due to the 3 main reasons: Reliability and accurate scheduling in the execution and delivery of artwork, which is very important for accomplishing a project. High accuracy and consideration in receiving the customer’s request, which facilitates the progress of the project, as well as the love and passion of her which is obvious toward her profession. I wish her all the success.
کاراکتر مشتری 36
Engineer Sadeghipour Author of children & young adolescents
Ms. Rajaie is one of the wonderful artists with good temper and commitment. The distinctive features of her works are the atmosphere and composition, her works are always appropriate to the volume of the content and do not need to be modified and edited, and the use of sharp, colorful and glazed colors, as well as characters suitable for the age group. Given the wide variety of topics and orders that I presented to her for illustration, she was always capable of translating the text into images with religious and non-religious topics, and I have always been happy and satisfied with working with her.
کاراکتر مشتری 32
Ms. Soleimani Artistic Director of Poopak Magazine
Frequently asked questions

The differences are due to the techniques. Manual imaging is performed with manual tools and equipment, and digital technique is performed with computer tools and methods such as digital pen (optical pen), which is advantageous due to being faster and easier compared to the manual method.

No – Illustration include many branches and applications such as character design for games and animation, production of applied and artistic products (wall sconces, cushions, mugs, T-shirts, etc.), production of toys, advertising, environmental decorations, interior decoration, food industries, clothing industry, and the illustrator can work in any of these categories depending on their interest and talent.

Yes – artworks have different prices depending on the dimensions and size, but if the dimensions of the project are beyond the standard sizes; the customer will be charged more.

No – there are no limitations. However, the customer and illustrator should negotiate about the project and corresponding costs.

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