Mahshid Rajaie

Children and Teenagers Book Illustrator – Character Designer

I am an expert in the field of illustration and illustrator of books, magazines, animations, and games for the age group of children and teenagers. I started my career in 2004 and have been working professionally in my studio since 2010 and have illustrated more than 100 books and magazines.

My enthusiasm in illustration led me to start empirical work in this field and then I continued my academic and professional work.

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Years ago, I gave up the Graphics and decided to work hard and do my best to become a professional illustrator due to my passion for illustration.

even though it seemed impossible at that time because of the lack of accessibility of the internet and the illustration major was not provided as a distinct course in the schools and universities of my city.

I started working in a completely empirical manner, with trial and error, and with the help of several teachers who played a significant role in my progress and achievement. With God’s help.

I illustrated my first book in 2008, and my career path was formed towards the goals that I dreamed about for many years. After achieving the bachelor’s degree in illustration major, I tried to integrate the empirical experiences with my academic knowledge, and at the same time I participated in several national and international individual and group exhibitions; and I tried so hard to gain new experiences in this field.

Different orders in the fields of applied illustration, games and animation have opened new horizons for me, and today with illustrations for more than 3000 frames; I am still working for more progress and development, and I do my best to create a more beautiful world through the images I create for children.


  • Associate of Graphics

    Al-Zahra University of Mashhad | 2000
  • Bachelor of Illustration

    University of Culture and Arts | 2015
  • The specialized course of Art

    Mashhad Visual Arts Association | 2011




Book & magazine illustrations

Illustration, the narration of ideas that children can perceive by following the pictures of the story and understand its meaning and enjoyment.

Character Design

Animation of fun and creational ideas in the form and role of a character or personality

Applied illustration

Applied illustration, translating an idea into a popular and innovative product suitable for the target market and in the context of Iranian art and culture
Tools & Techniques

Technical Skills

Adobe illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Indesign
Pattern design
Graphic Design
Digital Painting
Character Design
Game design
Concept design
Illustration training
Handicraft Product Designer - Applied Imaging Field
Mentoring and Entrepreneurship in Applied Imaging

More than 10 years of professional experience and background in

the age group of children and young adolescents

illustration frames
Publications & Magazines
Characters designed
Advertising works
Production brands
Games and animations
Types of products
Orders of practical product

My career and professional records

The honor of collaborating with more than 48 active and specialized book publishing houses, domestic and foreign children’s and teenagers’ magazines, participating in numerous national and international exhibitions and festivals such as Roshd Festival, Moscow Book Fair, etc. winning awards.

Child and Adolescent Book Illustration
Since 2004 | Collaborate with more than 48 specialized publishers

3 volumes Jamal Publications, 5 volumes Zarih-E-Aftab Publications, 2 volumes Ketabak Publications, 6 Volume Bahar-E-Delha Publications, 1 Volume Nahj-al-Balagha Publications, 2 Volumes Arastoo Publications, 4 Volumes Parand Nilgoon Publications, 2 Volumes Hooshyar Publications, 4 Volumes Irahestan Publications, 5 volumes International Publications abroad, 3 volumes of salam comic publications (International),1 volume of Asemaneh Publications. single frame Book (complete illustration of the book as thematic single frames on each page): 3 volumes (Anger Forbidden – How to become a writer – Zarbol Kachal ha)

Single frame magazine illustrations
Since 2015 until now | Collaboration with more than 17 magazines

8 Issues Mahan Magazine, 20 Issues Sanjaqak Magazine, 15 Issues Kayhan Bacheha Magazine, 2 complete Volumes of Koodakane Hooshmand Children’s Magazine, 15 issues Roshd-e-Noamooz magazine, 8 issues Shahr Ara magazine, 8 issues Arghavan magazine, 6 issues Poopak Magazine, 6 issues Doost-e-Khordsal magazine, 8 issues Noor Al-Huda magazine, 5 issues Kabootaraneh magazine,  2 issues Soroush Children’s magazine, 2 issues Jebhe children’s magazine, 6 issues Golponeh magazine, 2 issues E-magazine, 10 collections of the comic strip, calendar for public relations, etc.

animations logos

Illustration of Games and animations
Since 2011 until now | more than 26 games and animations

Animation Character Design: An animation called Bozboz-E Ghandi, 5 animations called Babalu, animations for 4 educational packages. Book character design: books with titles; Little Ali, 5 volumes of the book titled Babalo, Tilo is getting lost, Monireh’s curly world, Sparrow and Imam Reza, Amoo Nowruz and Naneh Sarma. Game character design: Life skills training game, wooden mannequins, find the culprit, little detective, 8 games called the Prophets, 4 game kits for the “experimenter”.

products in the field of Applied illustration

One of my serious interests in the application of the illustration profession is concerned with everyday products such as murals, board games, cultural and artistic accessories, clothing, etc. I have worked in various fields such as interior decoration for children’s rooms, and I have some precious collaborations with several schools in the embellishment of the atmosphere of kindergartens and schools, I also have some experience in the design and illustration of several educational kits and two attractive boardgames with “the little experimenter” brand. Also, regarding the designs of stationery and the cover of booklets and calendars, I have cooperated with the “Behnashr” and “Sib” company. Also, I have collaborated with “Dastdooz” and “Lotus” brands in the field of illustration of practical and decorative items such as leather products, cushions, bags, etc., and clothing.

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Some of My Honors

The most important honors that I can refer to as my professional success and brilliance include membership in the Iranian Illustrators Association, Nomination of the book I illustrated “Secrets of the World of Writers” at the Roshd Festival in 2018, participating in several group exhibitions at the provincial and national levels, attending in the section of selected Iranian illustrators at the Moscow Book Fair, the nomination of my several works and reaching the exhibition section of domestic illustration festivals, and holding several specialized workshops with the subject of illustration and so on.