The applied illustration is the transformation of an idea into a useful and creative product that fits the target market.

applied illustration ; If you are looking to create special ideas that address the needs of your audience, or you are concerned about the production and persuasion of your market target to use special products and create a simple life integrated with Iranian art and culture, you can join me.

تصویرسازی کاربردی هدر تصویرسازی کاربردی هدر

Expertise and experience

A reflection of the abundant experiences in artistic productions and its translation into successful products in accordance with the standards and needs of today's society.

Product creativity

A balanced combination of pure and unique ideas as well as useful and efficient outputs in a wide and practical field.

The congruence of the idea with supply and demand

The efficiency and grace of the idea along with the market needs and the exponential growth in demand

What you need to know about the applied illustration
Before starting the collaboration and submitting an order; It’s a good idea to know more about the terms and conditions:
  • Definition of applied illustration

    Any new ideas in the illustration that are utilized to produce a product; With a new application for different social classes that have their target market; Such as illustration for the stationery products, urban elements, school murals, kindergartens, and so on.

  • Applied Illustration Categories

    Illustration of mass and de-mass production projects for various applications such as embellishment of the working environment, murals of schools and kindergartens, production of cultural and artistic products (except books and magazines), stationery, urban elements, pattern and texture design for the clothing industry and so on.

  • Submit an order and buy applied products

    In the store of this website, it is possible to choose and buy your desired product from ready-made designs in the applied illustration section, which no longer requires etudes and subsequent steps, and after purchase, the file will be accessible for the customer. If you want to order a project with your desired details and ideas, you can also submit your specific one.

  • Prerequisites for Accepting Applied Illustration Order

    The client explains the context, main idea, purpose, and theme for the illustrator, and if he/she has a particular work sample or style in mind, sends it to the illustrator as a visual sample. The client must clearly provide illustrator with the details of the order, including dimensions, material or print media, age group of the audience, product market, and its application along with the desired technique so that the illustrator can make the final decision about the cooperation and express her opinion.

  • How to conclude an agreement

    After preliminary talks about the details and the order such as timing, cost, the final file format, presentation method, etc., the parties would reach an agreement and two copies of the official contract prepared by the illustrator will be given to each party after signing.

  • How to pay the contract price

    During the signing of the contract by the parties – under the terms specified in the contract – half of the contract price should be paid by the customer to the illustrator for the validation of the contract and the rest will be deposited after the delivery and before sending the final files. For the small and single frame projects, the total amount should be paid by the customer when concluding the contract

  • Providing the initial etude

    After concluding the contract and depositing the initial price, the contract is valid and the illustrator represents a detailed colorless linear etude for each frame to the customer, provided that only up to 3 minor changes (with the discretion and expert opinion of the illustrator) would be applied at this stage, and after the initial etude is approved, the design is ready for final execution.

applied illustration
  • Coloring of frames in applied illustration

    the initial sample will be sent to the customer as a Mockup and then finalized. if it requires subtle changes (with the discretion and expert opinion of the illustrator) such as changing the color and texture, up to 3 of them will be applied. But if the requested changes are more than this; for instance, a general change in character design, location, or addition of new visual elements, etc. the client must pay an extra 50% for each change in addition to the initial price.

  • Production Schedule

    The timing of the production process varies depending on the type of artwork and the production process. Production of single-frame projects takes 5-8 working days, and for the big projects, the price is evaluated and calculated based on the workload.

  • Delivery of final / printed files

    Output and final files are delivered in the size and formats specified in the contract, such as JPG, PNG, and in special cases (if stated in the contract) in PSD format after the final settlement; and they will be sent to the customer by mail (on a CD) or via the Internet.

  • Some important notes about the production of artworks

    On-time and correct submission of documents and all the items involved in the project, such as determining the exact size and dimensions of the print, correct text editing without any typographical errors, required color standards, auditing (clothing and veiling of characters, etc.) and such other items are the responsibility of the customer.

  • Copyright and intellectual property rights of produced works

    All copyrights and intellectual property rights of the projects are reserved for the illustrator nationally and internationally. It should be noted that the customer does not have the right to use and exploit artworks as a single frame or part of it in environments other than the original illustration such as exhibition decoration or TV program, animation, games, printed and online advertisements, websites, mobile applications, etc. (Violation of these cases is prosecuted)

  • Sending samples of produced artworks to the illustrator

    The customer is obliged to send at least 3 printed products or a copy of the productions such as animations and games in a form of CD or DVD after the implementation and production (In cases where the product is valuable and expensive, the number of samples can be negotiated.).  Also, in special projects such as designing urban elements, murals, etc., which are presented in a special way, the customer is obliged to take photos of the corresponding space, product, catalog, or advertisement and send them to the illustrator.

  • Important requirements and points before submitting an order

    Big projects do not necessarily mean big discounts! For example, if you want to order 3 applied products, it does not include a discount, because the illustrator does not sell finished products! The illustrator’s full name and website address or full contact information should be mentioned in all of the advertising, printed, and online works. In other cases, it is necessary to refer to the terms and conditions stated in the contract.

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Customers comments about working with us
Customers’ opinions about the cooperation and the production process of projects
I met Ms. Rajaie through her website, and I was fascinated by her style of artwork and colorful pictures from the very beginning. we have collaborated with her for a number of our company’s products, about printing on metal pixels, and their designs have been very popular and bestseller for the children and teenagers’ audiences, we are so happy for the honor of this collaboration. We hope to have more cooperation with her in the future regarding the printing of stationery.
کاراکتر مشتری 11
Mr. Zolfaghari Manager of Stationary Production Brand
Ms. Rajaie has collaborated with us several times in the painting design of school and city walls. She is very good at recognizing the children’s audience and using appropriate designs for the age group of the primary school, and many of the exterior walls of schools in the city of Mashhad are decorated with the works of this professional illustrator.
کاراکتر مشتری 35
Ms. Mossadeghian Urban Dept of Mashhad Municipality
We establish a challenge in our brand every season and we ask illustrators and designers to work with us to design the cover of the booklet. Ms. Rajaie is one of the most creative and adorable illustrators whose designs have been selected for printing on the booklet cover, we have sent her several samples of the booklets as well. Her design and style are very popular with the audience and are among our best-selling products.
کاراکتر مشتری 36
Apple stationary brand Apple brand production manager
Frequently asked questions

The applied illustration is used for all kinds of cultural and artistic products, clothing, interior decoration, urban elements, wall painting of schools and kindergartens, handicrafts and artworks, and any product that can be integrated with the art of illustration and make the final output creative and popular.

All information that is necessary to produce the work must be provided for the illustrator by the client. The most important part of this information is the type and style of performance, dimensions, and size of the design, target age group, and application of the desired product, text and story, visual idea, etc.

Yes – artworks with different dimensions have a different price corresponding to their size, but if the dimensions are beyond the standard sizes of printing and production; it is required for the customer to pay more.

No – there are no limitations. However, the customer must negotiate with the illustrator about the order and the costs.

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